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I'm sore and exhausted but at the same time still sort of working off the adrenaline, so I figured I'd share my story with you guys.

I've been training for about 3.5 years now. I've had one gym fight about a year ago but haven't really competed in anything that anyone would count as a real fight since then. Today another guy from the gym and I tested for our shorts. Basically the "hooray, you're a fighter" initiation.

Jumped rope for about 5 minutes, ran a few laps around the gym, stretched, threw some kicks in the air, did some footwork/punching drills and then some pushups and situps to get started.

Then it got a little more fun. First drill was where 2 guys hold a jumprope a little higher than knee level and you jump from one side to the other and back sideways 10 times, then facing forward 10 times, then jump over, sprawl, crawl under 10 times.

Next came the medicine ball. The medicine ball is the bane of my f'ing existence. One hand on the ball, one hand on the ground, do a pushup and in the air switch hands. Back and forth 8 times, 3 sets.

A heavy bag was on the ground, and we held the medicine ball in front of us and hopped back and forth over the bag (one leg on the bag, one leg on the ground, switch with each jump) for 2 minutes.

Then we had to take the medicine ball, hold it straight overhead, and bounce it off the wall for 2 minutes. I was honestly feeling okay until the end of this.

Now that the arms and legs were dead a couple of other students held the mitts/suitcases for us to do some technique. 10 jabs, 10 jab-straights, 10 jab-straight-hooks, 10 jab-straight-hook-upper, 10 right low kicks, 10 left low kicks, 10 right high, 10 left high.

Then came round after damn round after damn round...

3 min round on the Thai pads

3 min round on the mitts

3 min Thai pads

3 min mitts <- The instructor knows I'm pretty bad about muscling my jabs, especially when I throw more than one in succession, so he decided to have me throw about 75-80% jabs this round.

Then we had to push the guy from one end of the mat to the other with right roundhouses, back with left.

Our "break" was holding one round of thai pads and one round of mitts for the newer students. At this point holding the thai paids was no break.

After this we did a 3 minute round on the thai pads, 20 second break, another 3 minutes on the thai pads. Then another 20 second break and 10 sprawl-jab-straight, 10 sprawl-right kick, 10 sprawl-left kick.

We took turns doing that, I went second. While the other guy went we had to teach an "advanced" move to one of the newer students.

Next were 2 3 minute rounds where we just defended while another student attacked.

2 3 minute rounds of sparring with those students.

Then the two of us fought. Three three minute rounds, one minute break between. I pretty much knew I was going to take a beating, as I'm 145lbs to his 210, but it didn't go too horribly. I had some nice shots and he did too. I'm just glad it was all technique on both ends--We didn't get ugly and just start swinging. Longest 11 damn minutes of my life though.

I guess the sad thing is this is like, not even half a day in the office for fighters in a real hardcore camp. But Hell, I've got a career/life outside of this.

Now it's time to get some fights. I look good in these shorts and need to show them off.

Anyway, just thought I'd share my story. Keep training!
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