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Hello everyone! *^_^* My name's Tina. I've watched the community for awhile...
and i just finally joined....I haven't had much to say.....until now.....

I'm just asking everyone to support the sport and the females involved with it...
so please check out "Fight Girls"......coming soon....

Write up by Martial Arts Success Magazine

Fight Girls Premieres Monday, August 7th
at 9pm ET/PT on the Oxygen Cable-TV Channel

New York, NY -- Fight Girls chronicles seven tough female fighters who are out for the fight of their lives and attempt the impossible -- to beat the best female fighters in the world in a battle for the World Muay Thai Championship. The two-hour reality-TV special will air on Oxygen on Monday, August 7th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific Time.
Fight Girls was shot over a two-month period on locations in Las Vegas and Thailand. In it, the legendary Master Toddy of Muay Thai fame, who's trained over 30 world kickboxing champions, trains seven fighters that he hand-picked at his school in Las Vegas. Three are finally chosen to travel to Thailand to compete against other female Muay Thai champions.
The show reveals the unexpected faces of those who compete in this rugged sport. Behind the gloves and bruises are attractive mothers, brides-to-be and high-level executives. As the training intensifies, so does the toll on their personal lives, exposing the emotional battles of these powerhouse fighters.
Once the three fighters reach Thailand, they are confronted with the reality of their pursuit by witnessing just how protective their Thai competitors are of their national sport and the disdain they hold for American women. American women are beautiful, they say, but not strong.
Master Toddy rallies each woman to believe in herself and to prove to him they have the lion heart -- the determination to train hard and conquer their fear in the ring.
Fight Girls is a pilot for a potential weekly series. We need the martial arts industry to get behind this show to boost its ratings. The only other martial arts reality-TV show being broadcast is Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV, which recently completed its third hit season.
master toddys site

pics of the other girls doing pr stuff...

another write up

interview on "the insider"
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