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I Don't Care

can't find a trainer

Hey guys, I'm new. I'm 19, female, with no current martial arts training, although I do have a good bit of experience with strength and endurance conditioning, and I was wondering if anybody can offer me some advice.

I've been really interested in muay thai for about three years now, and finally I'm at a point where I can devote myself to it physically and mentally, but I still have a problem. I live in Greenville, South Carolina, and from what I can find, there just aren't any teaching resources whatsoever. I can't even find a boxing gym in this area. If any of you guys know of anyone in the area that I can contact about training, I'd love to hear about it. But since I doubt that there really is anyone here who could train me, I also want to ask if you guys think it's at all possible to train myself? I want to learn muay thai very badly, and I won't settle for less, but it seems like for the time being, I might have to fly solo. I figure at least I can start breaking in a training routine and start toughening up my hands and getting used to hitting the bag. Eventually I might be able to get a trainer at my gym interested in helping me out, but even then, he wouldn't be properly trained to teach me, so, it just seems like either way, if I can't find someone with experience, I'm going to have to start from scratch. If you guys have any suggestions on resources to help me learn, or advice for beginners, I'd really appreciate it.
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Hi there

Hurrah! We need more of us wenches interested in Thai.

To be honest, for your situation I would say forget about trying to teach yourself Muay Thai; I'm very much anti-books and videos alone as this often results in sloppy - if not outright bad or dangerous - technique, which is harder to unlearn than it would be to learn good technique from scratch once you find somewhere! Books and videos are meant to supplement, your real training or prompt when doing homework - although of course, do read them for interest's sake and play about - just don't 'train' with them. If that makes sense. Instead, use this downtime to focus on preparing your body for the martial art - this will give you a headstart of far more use than what little you will have semi-learnt from the books/video anyway. Muay Thai is very much 'off the deep end', it's not an art where you can get a headstart by learning kata from a book anyway - in my opinion of course ;)

Muay Thai's appeal is it's simplicity, and for general training, the basics are pretty much what you need! Things I do outside of my sessions (main art is Muay Thai, but I x-train with boxing as it is MT's weak point):

Running and skipping - You've done endurance training so you'll have that base cardio level we need, but make sure you are doing plenty of interval running as well, as it's the only thing that really prepares you for the anaerobic stress of fighting fast and hard rounds with only short recovery times in between. Either timed intervals or hill sprints are good.

You can never do too many exercises like crunches and pushups, etc. You've been strength-building already, so probably not a huge worry but you will need a strong core for both stability and absorbing body shots. I do obscene amounts of crunches in all sorts of sadistic forms and, together with boxing sparring, that seems to work for me.

Muay Thai doesn't require huge amounts of flexibility in comparison to some arts (thank God), but we do need to have fairly good flexation in our hips particularly as we rotate out from there to generate our power. Now, we chickies obviously have a head start in this area, but get yourself a general, all-over stretching routine and maybe give the hips a bit more TLC.

As for limb conditioning on the bag, as you don't have anyone to really show you technique and don't know any other martial arts, I'm hesitant to recommend it - but if you must, just remember that if you are at all unsure of the correct technique for any strike, don't don't don't... that includes punches. Hit wrong, and you'll pull my favourite injury and not be able to use your thumb for 6 months.

And the obvious disclaimers I am morally obliged to include: Any odd aches and pains - that's what doctors are for. And don't do exotic stretches unless a qualified fitness professional has made sure you're doing them correctly - I have no sympathy for people who find plyometric stretches on the Net and then tear something. And no wacking your shins with sticks or using rolling pins on them!

Actually, if you can, a session with a good fitness trainer would probably be helpful in teaching you the correct form for various exercises and stretches, and tailoring a running programme.

Some other female martial artists I know do weights, I don't. I've built up a lot of muscle bulk through the boxing so don't feel the need to do anymore.

Fingers crossed you find somewhere to train - MT is The Way :) Also, there's an LJ community called girlfighters - join there, we're quiet, but there are loads of women from all sorts of martial arts with all levels of experience usually happy to have their brain's picked.

Sorry this is so long (I typed as I thought of what advice I would have wanted as a female starting out), and sorry if I've said anything you already know...

thanks so much for your interest in my plight! i have done cardio kickboxing on and off for a long time so i'm not too bad at general form when it comes to kicking, but when it comes to the actual art of fighting, i'm SOL. i have a personal trainer currently, he preaches on how great my form is constantly, and he says he's familiar with some kickboxing (but not enough of muay thai to teach it), i will have to negotiate some of his techical knowledge out of him. as for flexibility i can't complain, i have double-jointed hips and can do buttlerflies all the way to the ground. i also do yoga twice a week. so, when it comes to know-how about exercise and fitness, i'm not bad off to start with.

i figured that books and dvds wouldn't get me very far in terms of training, but i just refuse to give up on muay thai. i have to sacrifice enough of my goals and aspirations because of the restrictions of the area that i live in, muay thai isn't going to be another one. thanks for the suggesetions, and i'll join girlfighters right away!
yea hey im an 18 year old male who started training muay thai a few months ago. i love it.i get trained basically for free by a pro kick boxer because he is my friends dad. his specialty is western style muay thai although i would prefer to train in the traditional style. there are only three of us students although many kids have tried to train with us. we practice in an atv dealership with concrete floors. as long as the owner gets to train with us we get to use his facilities and just pay for the electricity. its too bad that we are in Illinois and i cant help you with finding a trainer but perhaps you could add me as your freind and we could disscuss muay thai. maybe i could answer some questions you have. i hope you find someone to teach you properly. it is a great art to learn.

p.s. you should watch the movie Ong Bok. it is great.