I Don't Care (casey_lou) wrote in muay_thai,
I Don't Care

can't find a trainer

Hey guys, I'm new. I'm 19, female, with no current martial arts training, although I do have a good bit of experience with strength and endurance conditioning, and I was wondering if anybody can offer me some advice.

I've been really interested in muay thai for about three years now, and finally I'm at a point where I can devote myself to it physically and mentally, but I still have a problem. I live in Greenville, South Carolina, and from what I can find, there just aren't any teaching resources whatsoever. I can't even find a boxing gym in this area. If any of you guys know of anyone in the area that I can contact about training, I'd love to hear about it. But since I doubt that there really is anyone here who could train me, I also want to ask if you guys think it's at all possible to train myself? I want to learn muay thai very badly, and I won't settle for less, but it seems like for the time being, I might have to fly solo. I figure at least I can start breaking in a training routine and start toughening up my hands and getting used to hitting the bag. Eventually I might be able to get a trainer at my gym interested in helping me out, but even then, he wouldn't be properly trained to teach me, so, it just seems like either way, if I can't find someone with experience, I'm going to have to start from scratch. If you guys have any suggestions on resources to help me learn, or advice for beginners, I'd really appreciate it.
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